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January 22, 2020 3 min read

An engagement ring may be one of the most exciting (and nerve-wracking) purchases you’ll ever make. With so many settings to choose from and quality factors to consider, feeling a bit overwhelmed is natural. It’s possible your girl has already dropped some hints, but if the decision is all up to you, fear not – check out our guide for helpful tips, customized to her personal style.



Her style is: Feminine & Elegant


For the girl with ultra-feminine style, a halo diamond engagement ring is an excellent choice. The setting looks as heavenly as it sounds: a center stone surrounded by additional diamonds for enhanced sparkle. Not only do halos offer extra bling, they can also make the main stone appear larger – giving you more bang for your buck.

Caption: A halo can expand the appearance of the main diamond by as much as a half-carat or more.



Her style is: Classic


When the girl with classic style dreams of her engagement ring-to-be, it’s quite possible she sees a diamond solitaire.


For a stone more unique than the traditional round brilliant, consider an emerald-cut diamond. The emerald cut offers a stunning and sophisticated silhouette that is equal parts classic and modern.




Caption: The diamond solitaire is truly a timeless beauty.



Her style is: Colorful


Believe it or not, not all women covet the D, Flawless. For the girl who loves a pop of color, a yellow diamond is a guaranteed yes.



Caption: Vivid and vibrant, yellow diamonds shine as bright as the sun.



Colored gemstones are also an exciting alternative to diamonds. Any one of the big three – emerald, sapphire, ruby – or even her birthstone, could make the perfect forever jewel.



Her style is: Sporty


While diamonds are strong (the hardest material on earth!), active jobs such as a teacher or cook, sports like rock climbing or mountain biking, and partaking regularly in athletic activities could put diamond’s more vulnerable edges at risk of wear and tear. For the sporty girl, a bezel-set stone is the way to go.



Caption: The bezel setting offers a rim of protective metal that protects the diamond, without shielding any of its gorgeous sparkle.




Her style is: Glamorous


For the girl who loves glamour, “the bigger, the better” rings true. While a larger stone typically means a larger price tag, if you’re willing to compromise on other factors such as color or clarity, you can often find a good-sized gem without having to stretch your budget.



Caption: Fancy cuts like Pear-shaped diamonds are often priced lower than round brilliants, but offer the same high glamour.



Her style is: Understated


Not every woman desires an over-the-top sparkler. For the bride-to-be with a more pared-down style, minimalist engagement rings such as a simple solitaire, or a solid gold band with three petite diamonds, could perfectly suit her chic and understated look.



Caption: Trust us – you can’t go wrong with a diamond solitaire.



Her style is: Trendy


Diamonds – no matter the cut, shape, or carat weight – never go out of style, but there are certain looks that are particularly hot for 2020.


Many of today’s brides are seeking personalized, non-traditional styles that still feel classic and elegant. Fancy-shaped diamonds (pear, emerald, oval, etc.) are having a major moment this year, and we’re also seeing a comeback of yellow gold.



Caption: This gorgeous princess-cut diamond is secured in white gold prongs and set atop a ring of lustrous yellow gold.



Her style is: Unique


There are few gifts more perfect for the woman with unique fashion sense than a diamond. No matter the cut, size, or setting you choose, you can rest assured knowing that your natural diamond is one-of-a-kind.


Still, the girl with personal flair wants a standout ring – and definitely not one that could pass for the lookalike of her best friend’s. Fortunately, Nuha Jewelers offers a range of unique styles that you won’t find anywhere else. We can also work with you to create a custom design, tailored to your taste.




 Looking for an elegant engagement ring that’s truly one-of-a-kind? Visit Nuha Jewelers today.

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